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Stephenie Meyer :

She was born on the 24th of December 1973 in Hartford under the name of Morgan and her parents are called Stephen and Candy Morgan. She grew up in Phoenix with a big familly. She studied at Chaparral high school at Scottsdale, in Arizona and she also studied at Brigham Young University in Utah where she receives an English diploma in 1995.


Chapter 1 : Fascination :

Isabella Swan nicknamed Bella leaves the sunny village of Phoenix in Arizona to go and live with her father in the rainy village of Forks. She goes to live with her father to let her mother and stepfather travel because he is a baseball player. She arrives at Forks in the middle of the year. She makes new friends but one family pleases her more than the mysterious family of Edward Cullen …


Chapter 2 : the new moon :

Bella and Edward, are they together again ? for Bella that means new danger. On her 18th birthday Bella cuts her finger while opening a birthday present, Jasper pulled by the smell of blood jumps on Bella. Edward jumps in and saves her.

The drama : Edward breaks up with Bella. He says that he doesn’t love her but it is to protect her…

Bella is depressed. Only Jacob Black a friend from childhood will be able to save her from her depression. Alice sees a vision of Bella jumping of the cliff and thinks she has commited suicide. Edward thinks that Bella is dead and wants to kill himself. But Bella goes to Italy to save him. The Volturies want to transform Bella into a vampire or they have to kill her. Edward accepts to transform her on the condition that she marries him, or will she choose Jacob, the good looking ware wolf?.

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