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Left for Dead 2 : the massacre continues 

If you thought the first Left for Dead was good you haven't seen anything yet !

Left for Dead 2 features many addons but keeps the principle of the first game.

After an unexplained zombie apocalypse, nearly all the world's population is turned into unstoppable rage driven by zombies but there are a few survivors scattered across the globe. These survivors are about as friendly as the zombies . They will fight with everything they have got to rip the zombie hords to pieces end essentially survive another day.
You play as one in a group of four survivors  fighting with any weapons they can find, making their way through zones with countless amounts of zombies and even special zombies.

The objective in a level is to get to the safe room at the end, a room in which the zombies cannot enter. Once you are in the safe room you must close the door to end the game, but be careful, all living survivors must be in the room for the game to end and  proceed to the next level . 
Good luck, and dont forget to always carry a frying pan on you in the event of ... a zombie genocide.... !.

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