Trip to England

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The year 9 and the year 10 of the English European section, that means 49 students, are going on a trip to England from February 8th to Febuary 14th, 2010.

We have interviewed one of the English teachers  to have more news on the trip of the Frenchies to the best country in the world.

Where exactly will you go ?

We will go to the region of Brighton in the south of England.

Is it a class to class exchange ?

No, we had an exchange with an English establishment but they turned us down so we are going to stay in English family’s homes.

Who is going to take them to England ?

 The two English teachers Mrs G. and Mrs V. and to help them, the two sience teachers, Mr F. and Mr T.

What types of transport  are they going to use ?.

The students will have the occasion to use the shuttle to get across the Channel and to get back ,they will take the ferry.

What will you visit in London ?

They will be visiting some of England's most famous castles that retrace different periods in English history, Hampton Court; they are also going to watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace at London and they will have a guided tour of the capital. They will also have the possibility to see the Science Museum and admire the different sea species at the new Sea Life Center in Brighton. So it will be a trip rich in culture.

What work will the students have to do while they are there ?.

The students will probably do a research into the geographical and historical side of England. Once in England they will be given a trip work book to fill in through out the visits to the different locations they will be visiting. They will also be given questions to ask the English families. The folder will be noted by the teachers.


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