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In 2154 Jake Sully, paraplegic, is taken on board a special mission on the planet of Pandora. Pandora is inhabited by the Na’vi’s who are ten foot blue aliens. They are considered as primitive to the humans. When the humans arrive they discover a new cristal Unobatanium. The biggest mass of Unobatanium is inside the planet of Pandora so they create a programme called Avatar so that they can move the Na’vi’s and obtain the Unobatanium. Jake is recruted to have an Avatar, they are modified to look like the Na’vi’s but have a human brain. Jake is then enabled to breathe their air which is poisonous to humans and to walk again. He is sent into the jungle as a scout where he discovers the many beauties and dangers of Pandora. In his search Jake finds a Na’vi called Neytiri, princess of her clan. As time goes by Jake gets closer and closer to the clan and falls in love with Neytiri so he has to choose between his people and the Na’vi’s.

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